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Little Lake - Droplet/雫 -



(English below) フィンランド国内に18万8千もある湖をイメージして作成した、WAFINオリジナル和ろうそくです。原料となる、うるし科の櫨(はぜ)の実から抽出した櫨ろうを、職人が1本1本手で塗り重ねて作る昔ながらの方法で製造しており、同じ物は存在しません。 It is said that there are over 188,000 lakes in Finland, we have designed a WAFIN original Warosoku in image of them. The main material is the wax made from the seeds of the Haze tree (Japanese wax tree) and is handcrafted using the traditional method by the craftsman, one by one carefully applying layers, so there are no two candles that are exactly the same. 手で塗り重ねた和ろうそくの表面には塗り跡が残り、断面は年輪模様に仕上がります。 1/fの揺らぎを持つ和ろうそく、その力強い炎は、西洋のパラフィンから作られた洋ろうそくとは全く異なります。 和ろうそくで感じる、北欧の幸せな暮らしを体験してみませんか? ※ピンが立っていない燭台に立てて灯すことが可能です。 Wax applied by hand so there are hand marks on the candles and the cross section looks just like a real tree with fine layers. The Warosoku's flame is said to have the "1 / f fluctuation", and has a very strong flame unlike the western paraffin based counter parts. Would you like to experience the Nordic happy lifestyle through using Warosoku? *You can use this candle on the candleholder without the pins. 詳細: ●1本(約25mm) ●燃焼時間:約10分 ※燃焼時間は目安です。 Details: -contains 1 (approximately 25mm) -Approximate burn time is 10 minutes. *It is approximate, the time will differ on the condition of the environment as well as the thickness and the length of the candles.